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Atari ST, Demos, Cracktros, The Replicants, The Union, Soundchip, overscan, ScrollText, Distort, Rasters, Sprites ... Demoscene!
If you’re familiar with all these words, it's because you are certainly part of that privileged generation, the generation "Demo" of 80',90' years on Atari ST...

I was luckily part of this great adventure and today I offer you a giant poster with all groups that existed or still exist on Atari ST.
I did my best to find as many groups as possible.
Of course, some are missing, but I got to the end of my research with a total of 628 groups with one of their logos!
Then, I represented the links existing between these groups, for example, Hofa is part of The Replicants and The Union, The Replicants is part of The Union, etc. etc.

This image has required many months of work, late at night, on weekends from time to time, but it was a pleasure from the beginning to the end!
I hope you will get as pleasure as I had browsing this image that often reveals surprises!

The original image is 9000 * 5062 pixels and intended (originally) to be printed like a poster 160 * 90 cm.

A big "thank you" to the Demozoo site where I found 95% of the informations I needed.

Here are the links for different versions :


Original size : 9000*5062 JPG :


Original size : 9000*5062 PNG :



Here is the complete PSD file. Warning : A lot of RAM is needed to load it in Photoshop!
To end this image, I had to add 32Mo of RAM in my computer and a 160Go SSD just for the Photoshop cache.

PSD file compressed with 7zip :



And now, some pictures of people who have the printed version 160*90 !








Undead Factory
aka Imperator from The Megabusters aka Pandafox from HMD - 2016